The next steps to fighting PIPA and SOPA: Show them that they can't stop the signal
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Just last week, there were only five U.S. Senators publicly opposing the Protect IP Act.

In the wake of the widespread Internet blackout day on Wednesday, Jan. 18, there are now 36.

It would take only 41 "no" votes to permanently stall PIPA and the Stop Online Piracy Act in the Senate.

But we can't get complacent, because the multinational media corporations that are throwing their weight behind PIPA and SOPA will not stop pushing for these bills to pass, and the Senate is expected to vote on PIPA on Tuesday, Jan. 24.

Members of Congress know PIPA and SOPA are unpopular, but they don't necessarily understand why, so they could be duped by superficial changes to those bills, which the forces behind PIPA and SOPA are sure to make to gain the votes to pass those bills.

Here's what you can do, in the real world, to fight back against the forces that would end the freedom of the Internet:

1. Call your Senators' offices every day, from now through the day of the PIPA vote on Tuesday, Jan. 24, until you know they'll vote "no" on cloture. If your site participated in the Internet blackout day, consider running a "Call the Senate" link during those days as well.

2. Visit your Senators' district offices (use Google or your local phonebook to find the addresses) to tell them that you oppose PIPA and urge them to vote "no" on cloture. Stopping by to talk to them in person makes the online protests more tangible and credible to them.

You can check the Protect IP Act Senate whip count for continuous updates on everyone in the Senate who supports or opposes PIPA, as well as those who are still undeclared or have yet to be contacted. Phone numbers are listed for all the Senators' district and D.C. offices, next to direct links to their Congressional email addresses, along with tips on how to talk and write to them persuasively.


Representation in media: Asian Media Part I: Martial Art Films

  Representation Friday: I try to post a blog dealing with the Representation of People of Color. This theme is Asian Media.

  Long as I can remember, as a child I wasn’t a big fan of Martial Art films. It was the same Van Damme and Segal films. At the time it was a big thing, because it was years since Bruce Lee’s death. Since then there have been copy cats in Hong Kong and Japan alike. In Hollywood, a sometime after Lee’s death, there were Martial Art films. Some were ninja flicks and others were just a bunch white guys fighting. To me it was more like another action flick. White guy fights a bunch of minorities, fights the evil Asian guy, fights bad guy unless it’s Asian Guy, get’s the girl, usually a pretty white girl or native Asian girl.

But there were two films that made me look twice. Last Dragon and Jackie Chan’s debut Rumble in the Bronx. It wasn’t like the pervious Martial Art films of the time with flawed fight scenes and stunt doubles. They actually used real stunts. I know that Jim Kelly and a few others were in the Martial Art Scene but I’ll get to that later. With the Last Dragon, from the start it was homage to Bruce Lee with the mix of the Warriors. The story was simple, a Martial Artist trying to find a master, meets the girl and finds out that he was the master all along.  It wasn’t anything deep; it was a simple movie with a POC cast, although the white people were the villains or minor characters. It was a very progressive movie, but it didn’t do too well in the box office, but the sales VHS and rating in network shows went up. Every Black and Latino person knew what the Last Dragon was about. As usual in Hollywood, only movie at the time was raking in the money was The Karate Kid, and the 80’s Martial Art films were dominated by white people again. Until…..This:   Rumble in the Bronx

When I saw this in movies, I was speechless. No human being ever has done this type of stuff. Their Own stunts, choreography and everything within the movie.  No one has ever done this in America. People became interested in Jackie Chan. Although he didn’t get his breakthrough with Rush Hour, he was gaining fan base in America with his other films that was made in direct to video. In his movies during the credits he showed his stunts. As time went on, other people were coming into the scene, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, Donnie Yen, and many others. Then White people came along. Now at this time Jackie Chan was getting tired of doing the same thing over and over. So along with many others he made his money here (before the stock crashed) and went back to Hong Kong to do more serious roles. Mind you he’s pretty good in non-martial art films. But to get this out of the way, both Chan and Jet li did something STUPID. Now there are blogs and articles on this so I’m not going to go over this. Long story short, originally Chan and Li wanted to work together, then Hollywood wanted to add a white kid and the movie was craptacular.  After Chan Spent some time doing his films in Hong Kong, he did the Karate Kid with Jayden Smith. Although I didn’t like it, I’ll give credit when credit is due. It was the first movie that Chan did that was out of his character. Plus he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and applied it. Unlike the old Karate Kid, where it focus on a white whiny teenager, it Chan and Smith worked off each other. Chan helped him to fight and Smith helped Chan with his personal problems. The funny thing about the movie was like the Last Dragon stared and all POC cast. It was Will Smith that gave Chan a serious role. If you look in his Hong Kong films, he is mostly doing dramas. Other white producers would of type cast Chan like there was no tomorrow.

Since the other Asian martial art actor left Hollywood, there wasn’t anyone to fill that void. Most of the martial art fans would buy movies directly from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. So Hollywood used that as an excuse not to hire any Asian actors with the exception of Ninja Assassin. So once again white people are used for until someone steps up to the plate.  Don’t get me wrong you have some POC Martial Artist, like Michael Jai White, Taimak, Darren Shahlavi and many others, but Hollywood is not really interested in POC unless it makes money. I mean after Romeo Must Die was a hit you have knock off of urban theme Martial arts flicks which killed any plans for POC Martial Artist to make it into the big screen. Next time I’ll talk about Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury and the relation of the Civil rights.

Boycott Mainstream Media

                Long time ago when I was young, there used to be a lot of shows with a multicultural cast from different backgrounds. Some was very more PC (political Correct) than others. Mind you my childhood was in the 90’s. Not a lot of black homes had internet at the time. So we couldn’t look at youtube or other outlets to teach us about the cultures. My family was very fortunate, because I was raise to learn about different things. I was very blessed to the willingness to learn about people although at a young age but it was very limited. I didn’t perceived white and black as a complex thing. In my culture you were human being with different background and you were accepted. Much later on in my years when I was able to go online during the last days of the dail-up system, I was learning. Then in high school I did a paper on the history of Japan from the Sengoku era to the Meiji Era. (Although I failed because I showed more knowledge than the others, but that will come in another time.) I wanted to learn more. Some stuff happened and I saw things differently.

                Reason why I’m telling you this so that people who are new can understand why I see things in a different light. With that being said, with the things I know now, I don’t have the heart to watch TV or movies. The main thing I look for when watching TV, is how the actors and the characters are represented. I look how do the show perceive POC (people or color), I look how the women are treated. I look for everything. These days’ shows are not what they use to be. It’s like media is going backwards.   I’m going to list the problems of the media, not shows media in general.

View Of movies

                When I was growing up, I remember good directors. Like Spike Lee (almost all of his movies), Pual Verhooven (Robocop, Total Recall), John Singleton (Higher Learning, Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator), much later Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell, Jin Roh), Akira Kurosawa (Yojimbo High and Low), Tsui Hark (Wong Fei Hong).  At age of three, I LOVED Batman, with Prince singing “Partyman” and “Scandalous”. At the time WAY before Nolan, Batman was considered dark. But I always analyzed the movie. Why did Joker kill Batman’s parents, why does Gotham City look like a giant factory? Why? Why? Why? Film analyst at an early age. Then I started to pick at the movies, me, my brother and my mom will discuss movies. At high school, I was in a samurai movie crazy, it didn’t help that I was an anime otaku (more like weebo) So later on when me and my brother went to go see “Last Samurai”. The was ok, until I saw This. For some reason after Paul Mooney poked at the Last Samurai, I never watch it again. Sure I watched Samurai films, but the ones with white people in it; I felt some type of way about it. Wasn’t too sure what it was something? Then this Happend. But it happen when I became picky about movies and shows namely Heroes. Then after reviews and reviews, then the realization hit me: Hollywood is controlled by white people.  So since them it was no turning back.

War on Media.

                When I started watching movies with a watchful eye, I noticed that it was segregated, like mainstream movies and (insert race) movies. Like there was no unity. I always watch a movie and think of ways how can it end it differently. Like instead of Tom Cruise being the Last Samurai it was Denzel Washington or if you want to be daring you cast Angela Bassett or Gabriel Union as a Harriet Tubman Expy to join Katsumoto fight against the Meiji Government. So my mom would tell me to write my own story. It was simple ideas that was original and new. So why don’t Hollywood do the same? Well, it’s run by Nazis and undercover racist that like the status quo and keep it that way. They use several devices to keep it that way.

Monochrome casting:

                Remember Friends? And how they have a few Black, Latino, and Middle Eastern friends? Well neither do I. Taken you have some white people who are close to other white people. But one thing this is TV if I wanted to watch a show with a bunch of white people, I would settle with watching old movies. Now I’m not saying it needs to be PC now, but let’s do this for the sake of argument:

Ross and Monica:  Dominicans (I rarely see a Dominican Character)

Chanler: Black

Phoebe: Middle Eastern.

Joey: Japanese

Rachel: Native American

See that wasn’t so hard. Just have the same personality as the white one and you have a show. Ok I Ieft out white people, but they have billions of other white shows. In fact they might watch this version Friends. See it took me five seconds to come up with that casting. Now you need actors and you have billions to choose from. That’s how you battle monochrome. If Chessy Power Rangers can do this why can producers? Yeah that money argument is not going to Work. But we have a mulit-cast of characters or one black guy. Yeah….

Tokenism I.

                One thing I hate is Token, I hate tokens. Now ok, you might have that (insert Race) friend, but do the character know their names, last names, what they liked, dislike, parents, dogs? Well it don’t matter he’s just there to help out the white guy and he’s sometimes the buttmonkey. He or she stands in the crowd of white people and just say some hood slangs like This. Please note this now mind you he doesn’t matter to the story, you kill him off and no one will know the difference. Now tokenism comes in races, heck even black shows do this from time to time.

Tokenism: Background Characters.

                Now it’s ok to have one token character, now let’s double that shall we? Background characters are used when the show wants to be multi-cultural but don’t want to focus on them. Like the move Push, it takes place in Hong Kong, but does it have Chinese characters? Take Glee, no ok you have a cast of characters but the are just pushed aside. I mean read this:

“Rachel’s shirt read “Nose.” She had earlier decided against getting rhinoplasty that might erase one marker of her ethnic heritage. Kurt’s top read “I like boys.” And, in this episode, we saw the close of a storyline where he is bullied at school because of his homosexuality. Britney’s read “I’m with stoopid”–a nod to the running gag that is her questionable intellect. Mercedes, the sole regular black character on the show, wore a shirt that said “No weave.” I’m not sure exactly what her insecurity is. Does she hate that she wears a weave? Does she not wear a weave, but thinks she should? In this (customary) ignoring of Mercedes’ character development, Glee missed a chance to provide a window into what it’s like to be one of a very few students of color (particularly a black girl) at a majority white school.”

Now people thought it was funny it was the punchline of the show. This is what I think. Now I can spend the whole blog talking about Glee and its Neo-Nazi ideas. In fact there are blogs dedicated to it. It's like talking about the philosy of Citizen Kane. There's no end to it. All Glee was nothing but white people fantasy with POC as the background.

And don't get me started on Seth MacFalene.


One thing I hate is stereotypes, if it wasn’t the power of the internet and Skynet…I mean Facebook. People will still think that Danish people wear wooden clogs all day. Man, Americans are a dumb bunch. But anywho one of the powers of Hollywood. Stereotype is the lazy man’s characteristics for a character. Now I’ll list the Stereotypes.

Black: Males; Brutes, Monkeys, thieving watermelon eating gangbangers.

                Female: Loud, Sassy, neck jerking, and a hoodrat. Might possibly kill someone over a Nigga Moment. (Boondocks) Expect baby momma drama

Latino: Almost the same as Black people, but, eats a lot of beans and rice, drives in crazy cars and blasting loud Reggieton music.

                Female: Like the black woman, she is loud and sassy, but can be sexier. She also wears tighter clothes.

Asian: Males: Unsexy, geeky, knows Kung Fu. Will die for honor.

                Female: School girl outfit wearing, tentacles fighting, dragon lady. Will be villain against the pure white people.

White People: Man: Strong, kind, heroic, and the American Way.

                Female: Pure, innocent, caring, and Black Man Krytonite.

You see the problem with those stereotypes. Hollywood uses them all the time. Now some might say that “Javan it’s not that bad.” Since the dawn of films, minorities have been thrown under the bus. Has it change, given..during the 80’s and 90’s we saw the raise of Spike Lee and a lot of black films. But when they started to add rappers. When that happened we know that the black industry went down for a brief time. So since then no white guy wanted to add a black actor to the film.

White Washing.

                Now remember black face, when white actors put a black face. Well now they are still doing that. I can go on, but it would be like beating a annoying horse. But here is the recent link on white washing. RVCbard's Article

Chosen Race:

When I think someone of saving the world, I don’t expect Shia LaBoof to be screaming all the time and basically a weak character. Me personally I hate the “Chosen one” plot. Like why does the world rest on the shoulders of someone? I always hated it. And it’s the same old thing every movie. White kid is the chosen one. This is like Mighty Whitey’s twin topic. This another thing that

Role of Women:

                Ok don’t get me wrong, I do like sexy and attractive women. But they have to do more than just looking sexy. I mean if it’s like a pointless scene like this, and it has no bearing on the plot, I sorry you fail. Like if movies can do “realism” to the gys, why not the women. Like take Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell. Ok there were scenes with the Major naked or wearing a skin suit. But it wasn’t like ecchi, you saw in the beginning of the movie when they created her body from scratch, and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, what made the movie very good was that you saw a woman finding herself not like a cheap romance flick starring Jennifer Aniston. You were actually invested in what she was looking for. Granted the manga is different and the doujin circles are crazy terrible, but the movie and Stand Alone Complex, Major wasn’t just eye candy she was complex. Now if the role was a male, it would be just a boring anime, but since it was a woman it was better to understand. With Hollywood’s problem, they like to have the woman just shut up and stand look sexy. Like, I came to see the movie not Halle Berry’s chest and oral sex jokes.

Things that grind my gears:

Long ago when I was watching Heroes, I liked the first season but later on the story was getting boring and the POC characters was treated like crap. Women were weak as usual. For more info: Look up Heroes under "tvtropesorg UnfortunateImplications LiveActionTV"  So I wanted to see more shows that had the same formula people with powers. Like I stated above like anime as much as Mr. Upkins likes comicbooks ( I swear we’re like almost like Prof X and Magento) but I wasn’t included. Like I see white people and white people but it had no black people. So I decided to plan out my own story. After talking some ideas with my mom, I penned the plot, high school kids with powers. Much inspired by Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist and Darker than Black, with Tokyo Majin. So I ran into Marvel Comics The Runaways. After reading the first two trade backs and some spoilers, I never felt unconformable. Like they have the set up right, but when I found out that the sole black character Alex Wilder (mind you he looks stereotypical) was the villain. What the frak? Ok given they have Xavin a POC  gay alien, but even that that is wrong. Why do they have to make a gay woman of color an alien? So that turned me off. Some might say that Javan It’s progressive. Then how come it’s written by a couple of white guys. Mind you when they have a white guy writing a story with POC characters and females it raises the red flag. But back to Alex, now you might say, “Javan you read only the first two trade books.”  I follow this, the first issue, volume, season scene and character that comes on the set can make and break the whole thing. So after futher research I found out that here’s what they have for the black villain parents, they are the Thieves. That’s the most stupid and racist thing I heard. I mean they can be the eye, the spy, the scientist, but no there are just powerless thieves. Like the stereotypes above, I find that problematic even for a villain. Out of the whole team the Black guy was the mole. Mind you white guys have always hogged the heroic leadership roles, now they give it to a black guy and he’s the mole with no powers. Please note in movies and in comic books there are a but so few young black men. Only good one was Static Shock. That what made me put the book down, to its credit Heroes and Runaways gave me some ideas for my story. Like people with powers, Black guy and Asian girl coupling (I know it’s sound weird) and a good storyline.

For those who say it’s a progressive comic, mind you Marvel is ran by white guys who like the draw women’s chest over storyling.  Here's what Malcolm X say about comics and media progressiveness.

Now there are remedies. You can’t heal with same remedies, but it still takes remedies. Like here’s how to make a good storyline featuring two woman.

                Plot: A cowboy FBI agent Asuka Sanada meet her new partner Isabella Flores a cyborg from Puerto Rican Government Agency. They must stop a crime syndicate from selling illegal bodyparts.

Sanada is a tomboy who breaks the rules to get the job done.

Flores is a Cyborg Agent sent to help the FBI with it’s investigation. Lost most of her body to a terrorist attack.

See good storyline with two leading women and it’s a regular cop story. No gushy romance, no girl on girl action. Just a storyline. How hard is that?

With Race:

                A team of college and High School students, A latina college student, Black Male high school junior, Japanese College Football Player and a Cherokee choir girl. Lead by a Middle Eastern female College professor (much like Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell), must solve a plagiarized mystery that involves corruption and murder.

Now without using stereotypes, I made another plot for a movie. It was easy. Now granted, you may have other writers, actor and blah blah. But If everyone work in sync with each other in Hollywood people can make a good movie without marginalization.

Until Hollywood and mainstream white media their their act together, I say this. If one thing is bad then everything is bad. So I’m boycotting Hollywood and Mainstream media. I keep my TV off and and sit at home reading.  Next time I'll talk about Martial Art Movie and The black Community.

Help Middle Child Press Reach 1000 Copies
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"We wear our weird on the outside."

Middle Child Press is a publishing company that was founded by and is for women of color. Their goal: to meet the needs of WOC who have been marginalized, ignored and denigrated by mainstream media. What makes MCP unique is that they not only provide traditional literary titles but also Blasian, gothic, experimental and speculative fiction as well.

And now they need your help. With the release of their latest title, The Woman from Cheshire Avenue, MCP is aiming to sell 1,000 copies by Oct. 15, 2011 with the aims to expand their titles, promote other POC authors, and produce more POC titles.

MCP founders Amaya Radjani and Ankhesen Mié discuss why we desperately need more publishers like MCP.


Amaya Radjani:

 A year and a half ago, a brilliant young woman named Ankhesen_Mié and I came together and formed Middle Child Press, an independent publishing house for WoC authors.  We specialize in publishing works by women of color authors.  The time has come for WoC to tell our own stories: stories that run the gamut of human experience.  We don’t all write hood lit or streamlined interpretations of our culture.  We don’t all write romance or stories that even slightly paint PoC in a negative light.  The problem is that we’re rejected from the mainstream publishing world by TPTB because we refuse to fall in line with their narrow-minded standards.

We all have a particular slant on the world and it’s time we step up and share them with other PoC.  For instance, Ankhesen typically tackles unusual subjects with diverse characterizations, sometimes with a dark edge, and she sometimes caters to audiences who enjoy that kind of work.  She also writes poetry, and does other amazing things with words and images.  You can find two of her books in our E-store: Violet Dusk and her latest, The Woman from Cheshire Avenue, a novel I lovingly call Chessy Ave. 

I'm into contemporary storylines, Blasian fiction, sci-fi/fantasy and modern gothic subjects and I try to reach a broad audience with my work.  I’m also an author of erotic fiction and the editor of MCP’s erotic anthology The Sultry Court.  My first attempt at Blasian fiction, a novel titled Corruption, is slated to be released within the next few weeks.  But MCP isn't all about us; we dearly want to have a bevy of WoC authors featured in our store lineup.

Ankhesen and I want to give WoC a chance to see their work in print, or in our case, in eBook format.  We are dedicated to MCP, so much so that we ensured its legitimacy by spending thousands of dollars of our own money to get it off the ground.  We have an excellent IT specialist, who ensures that when our product reaches the store shelves, readers are getting the best eBook possible.  We believe in this endeavor, or we would have never fronted the cash to give birth to it.

As of right now, we have three (soon to be four) books in our E-store.  We need your help to spread the word about MCP and what it is we do.  Support us by promoting us on your blogs and websites.  Help get the word out for WoC authors who’ve faced arbitrary hurdles in trying to get published.  We believe in reciprocity; if you promote us, we’ll promote you.  If you follow us, we’ll follow you, be it through blog, Facebook, or Twitter.  It’s the way to get the word out for all PoC authors.  We’ve got to get better at supporting each other.

Ankhesen Mié:

A year and five months ago, Amaya Radjani and I decided to start our own publishing press for authoresses of color.  The Woman from Cheshire Avenue (2011) is our third release in almost a year, and we have a fourth on the way (*crosses fingers*).

When we first got into this venture, we invested literally thousands of dollars and reached out to several female authors of color spanning multiple styles and genres.  I understood that such a endeavor takes time (and money) and I was willing to invest the necessary patience.

I still am.

I believe in what we are doing, most importantly because it's not something I'm seeing widely done, yet is so very essential for the literary needs of the modern WoC.  At Middle Child Press, we wear our weird on the outside, and we want all of you to see.

So please help our cause by spreading the word and boosting the signal.  We're trying to sell 1000 copies of TWFCA by October 15, 2011 (already got a sale this morning).  A main priority of those proceeds - you guessed it - is to try to expand our titles and acquire more professional lunatics authors on the roster, and promote those authors as well.

We don't have much by way of prizes and such for now, but I do promise to keep posting some chapters from the sequel, The Velvet Hall.


It's no secret that I've been following MCP's releases for quite a while now and I've been a huge fan of their work. Violet Dusk is incredible and I can tell you first hand that The Woman From Cheshire Avenue will not disappoint.

One of the biggest reasons why I've been a huge the MCP titles because they're works where POCs such as myself are provided escapism and a sense of pride. In their worlds, blacks and Asians are wealthy, powerful, accomplished and are not apologizing for their mere existence. Our stories are told with both authenticity and respect. More than that, these are some very talented authors.

And with the recent kerfluffle about diversity in publishing, now more than ever we need to support marginalized media. So for those of you who are constantly stating that we need more diversity, this is an opportunity for you to put your money where your mouth is. MCP is an excellent publisher producing some wonderful titles from some gifted writers. A little support from you will go a long way.

Dream Casting: Gungrave
Awhile ago I stumbled across something called dreamcasting. So i decided to have a dream casting of the anime called Gungrave.

Gungrave is about a hitman named Branndon Heat (Grave) returning from the dead to exact his revenge on the ones who wrong him. I'm not going to spoil it, but I'll put up my dreamcast for who should star if Hollywood would make the movie. (note some of the descriptions I'm getting it from Wiki)

Gungrave/Branndon Heat

A small-time criminal who was in a gang with his best friend, Harry McDowell, along with three other close friends. After their friends were killed, Brandon and Harry joined the crime syndicate Millennion, led by Big Daddy. Brandon was trained by Millennion's Bear Walken to be a sweeper (assassin), eventually forming his own elite sweeper unit within Millennion called "True Graves".
As Harry rose to power, Brandon remained loyal to the syndicate. Brandon confronted Harry for betraying the organization, but found himself unable to kill his friend. Instead, Harry kills Brandon during his moment of hesitation. Brandon was resurrected by Dr. Tokioka as "Beyond the Grave". His purpose is to destroy the syndicate that he once worked for and the friend who betrayed him.
Takeshi Kanshiro

I picked him because I saw him in Onimusha and in a few other movies, He fits the quiet brooding type.

Harry MacDowell

Harry McDowell always wanted true freedom. Even when he was young, he could not stand being held back or put in his place. He used his ambition to rise in the ranks of Millennion with the help of his best friend, Brandon Heat. Impatient by nature, Harry began to plot the murder of Millennion's leader, Big Daddy, when he could not advance any further in the syndicate.

I played LA Noire, I like his facial features, He fits Harry Pretty well.

Maria Asagi
Maria is the sweet, clean-cut girl down the street, a contrast of Brandon's bad-boy image. Throughout the series, Maria makes her feelings for Brandon very clear. When she accepts Mr. Asagi's offer to live with him after her Uncle Jester dies, Maria is unaware that she is moving into the home of Big Daddy, head of Millenion. Brandon follows her and joins Millenion in hopes of being close to her, and for a while it works out.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

I liked her in some of Tyler Perry's movies and she's pretty good. You don't hear negative things about her  (sorry forthe racebending)

Big Daddy

Millennion's founder and leader. He started the organization to protect his city and his "Family". He developed a bond with Brandon early in the latter's career in Millenion, which resulted in Brandon giving up Maria to Big Daddy out of loyalty to the man and the organization.

Takeshi Kitano

If you seen any of his movies, you know why. He's Japan's answer to Rober DeNiro.

Mika Asagi
The daughter of Big Daddy by Maria. After the incident at her home she was told to seek protection from Brandon by Maria. Throughout the series, she goes through many hardships as she sees those close to her pass away one by one. Her personality is like Maria's.

Ellen Wong

Well I seen her in trailers and there is not that much Asian actress in decent roles. Since she's is a young and coming up actress, I'll give it my praise.

Bear Walken

A sweeper for Millennion, and one of the oldest members of Big Daddy's inner circle. He stays with the organization after Harry becomes the leader of Millennion for the sake of his daughter (Who is romantically involved with Harry).

Michael Jai White

A Martial Artist and a good actor. I seen him in Spawn and Blood and Bone.

Bunji Kugashira

Bob Poundmax's best friend. He owes his life to Harry after it was discovered that he was working with Lightning, a rival group of which his older brother Cannon Vulcan was a member, while in Millennion. However, Harry forgave Balladbird, allowing him to stay in Millennion in exchange for his loyalty.

Felica Pearson

She was the true star in the wire. When I saw her I was scared, she actually lived the role.

Ok that's all I can come up with so please share ur ideas.


Try it

Critical Miss: Sexism and/or Racism

Just read

Representation in media: Tower Prep

Ok this is my second blog post. Today we are discussing the Cartoon Network live action show Tower Prep. Why now? Since the season 1 is over and there is little chance of it being returned despite the fact of constant fans asking for it back. I’m going to examine why this show presents a poor representation of people of color.


Tower Prep is the story of Ian Archer, a teenager who has an ability known as Preflex, which allows him to see things before they happen. He has a tendency to get into trouble at school and one day, after a fight with a bully which sees him suspended, he finds himself in a mysterious preparatory school that no one knows the whereabouts of and is surrounded by many secrets such as the creatures that guard the schools off limits areas in the night. He befriends CJ Ward, Gabe Forrest, and Suki Sato. Together, they try to escape the school while also trying to discover the secrets of Tower Prep. (tvtropes)

On the surface the show is promising, but when I saw the first few episodes, I couldn’t watch it. All it was a 2-d Teen show, the characters are bland and forgettable and insert every “indie” rock song. Yeah, trying to reach out to teens with very bland music, good job Cartoon Network. In every episode it’s like looking at a typical 80s/90’s show. I understand that it’s suppose to be family friendly, but when the family friendly equals blandness. Ok let’s start with the characters then we get to the plot and why it makes me mad.


Then characters: I too lazy to say it my own words so I’ll it’s wiki for help.

Ian Archer: What can I say about him, he’s boring. I mean they put him as like a mighty whitey guy. Like the character is mostly a Mary Sue. He can fight, he’s a rebel and a good guy. Usually those traits are serving for the lancer or someone who is darker not a family friendly teen drama. My main problem he seems to be an insert to the target white male audience, like they are the Alpha race.

CJ Ward: Yes, along with a beautiful white male character comes a white female. Funny thing about teen shows, is that with the cute main character they always have a cute female counter-part and is hinted to be the love interest of the main character. This also bother me because it seems that the show want to have the boys googling the girl say that she is hot and insert themselves as getting the girl.

Suki Sato: Not much to say but she is a Typical Asian girl, family owns technology stuff. (Zaibatsu anyone?) She’s quiet and stays in the background so that they white people can have the spot light.

Gabe Forest: A Typical Geek who tries to fit in. You know that’s bad when you have to escape and some of your friends tries to fit in. Typical Geek in a teen Drama, nothing new and nothing more.

Issue of Race:

Cal Rice

After I heard some good things from the show, mind you they are mostly dorky white kids who live in a monochrome suburbia. So I read the plot, then I looked at the main character that they are showcasing and most of them are white. So I bite like a fish and watched the show. Ok maybe it will be different than Heroes. So I watched it and it was just as bad. Like it focuses too much on the white male guy, and it was boring. The college indie rock that they play every freaking time didn’t help. So when I watched the pilot of the show it was crap, ok I forgive it. Later on when they are showing the other characters, Cal Rice, it was shown as a disrespectful, rude and a stereotypical black guy. So in the episode Buffer, for no apparent reason Cal decides to jump Ian, but is chased off by the gnomes (think the putty men in Power Rangers), so later on in the episode Cal treats Ian and calls him towel boy. It reminds me of the fact that the stereotype that black people are rude and cowards. And will jump at poor pretty white people only to be scared off. So later on in the show after Cal’s team wins, Ian being the good white boy wants to shake Cal’s hand, but he spits on it. So I should add that black people are nasty people according to the show.  I stop watching the show after that but according to what I read that Cal has joined the bad guys. Yeah this show really hates black people.

I also forgot to add that cal has a crush on CJ, but CJ just brushed him off to the side. Also in the episodes he dances like in the Amos and Andy shows. I guess that the show takes it’s lesions form the black face actors.


Then at the second episode when Ian was framed for stealing, it ends up being the black roommate Howard. Before he was confronted, Howard was being used by Gabe whose powers were persuasion. He was using Howard like a slave. His excuse was that was that Gabe was paying too much attention to Ian. It sounds like a house Negro missing his master. So was he mentioned again no never. Later on the group rejoices that the fact that Ian has moved in with Gabe, after they pleaded with the faculty to drop the case. Yeah looks like the characters don’t care black people.


To what I’ve read according to its wiki that this normal black student wanted to leave Tower Prep. So He went to forest and got capture by a resistance group called the Broken, So later on he dresses up as monster to scare people. This is a lot of things wrong with this. Like to the creators have a problem with black people?   They are thieves, cowards, disrespectful, and animals.

Suki Sato

She is made as a secondary female lead to CJ. Now let’s examine this. Suki by herself is ok, but when she is with CJ, it makes CJ looks more attractive and more guys will look at her. Same thing will for Ian and Gabe, except when Ian takes off his shirt and show is Aryan body. In media the common stereotypes of Asians are that they are a model race according to white people, because they are going to react to racism cause by white people. Suki is shown the same way, she follows the group with no personality what so ever. Later when she does have the spotlight, it is something that we see every day in TV shows. Here’s the following of a typical episode featuring an Asian female character.

Asian female goes to a school or work that is westernized

Asian girl makes friends but she is quiet.

Asian girl’s family comes and tells to come home (what family wouldn’t)

White people fight off Asian family (Ian vs Shinji)

Asian tells family off, and says that their tradition values are outdated and wrong. (Suki saying that she don’t have a father)

Yeah, Asian people and their backwards ways.

Yeah, don’t expect to find and Arab or Hispanic in the show because in Teen drama or in SF/F drama they don’t exist.  Unless it’s to elevate the white people, or for the WoC (women of color) as sex dolls

Females on powers

For along as I can remember, when women have powers, they are usually inferior to males. Like in X-men cartoon, Jean Grey can hold a pen without shouting “I can’t hold it.”  How come when women have powers that they can’t control it and the males have to save them? When I watch anime and read manga that although the female are dressed in skimpy clothes that they held their own and even fought in par with males. I mean look at Bleach, Rukia, Yoruichi, Unohana and Rangiku can hold their own in a battle without the help of males. Even Rukia got mad at Ichigo when he wanted to protect her when they were invading Heuco Mundo

So that comes to mind when I watch the show. Like the females never have any good powers, it’s usually perception, mimicry and other sensitive powers. In one episode when the group was alone in the school. CJ decided to venture off, but Suki says that it would be unwise to leave because Ian knows Martial Arts. As would Paul Mooney would say about Tom Cruise being the Last Samurai. “Tom Cruise as the Last Samurai, give me a break.” It’s almost like they need a white guy to save the day.


Hollywood part:

Usually when people are discussing this, the answers are always this: “Well maybe it was the best actor they can find?”

That maybe true, but it’s the producers, directors and the writer’s job to find out how will the target audiences will perceive the show. I mean get people who are minorities and asked them how they fell about the characters on the show and how will they take it. Like how will a Black person take the show, how will the Hispanic person respond to the actors?”. These questions are very vital to understand true diversity.

Your Part:

Don’t just support a writer just because they are black, or other Ethnic group is just like yours. Support them because of diversity and the quality of the story.  Maybe if you are good enough that you can write you own story and have people like. It don’t have to be the next X-men or Buffy, just be a good quality story.

for more info:
Tower Prep Wiki:

Book Review: Hollowstone by Dennis Upkins,
Hollowstone written review

    This is my first YA (young adult) book review, and I’m writing a review for Hollowstone. This story is written by Dennis Upkins. He’s an avid blogger at live journal, although I personally don’t agree with the topic and issues, he has proven himself as an intelligent blogger and he has posted topics ranging from comic books, representation of POC (People of Color), homosexuality and typical topics that pops up in his head.  He speaks out  Hollowstone was released at June 8th at Amazon. In the course of two days, I’ve finished read the book.

The plot of the story:
Noah Scott is an African American teenager that lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his grandmother. Last his parents at young due to hurricane Katrina. He gets accepted to the elite Hollowstone Boarding school. Hollowstne is a typical rich boarding school full of the rich and powerful. There Noah meets with racial and social challenges. There he meets a friend and roommate Caleb Wanner, kinda like young Tony Stark without having the Iron Man Suit, a cool rebel rich dude. They share their adventures together boarding on the terms of brothers. (think Brandon Heat and Harry McDowel from Gungrave.) This peace is broken when Caleb is brutally shot. So Noah must uncover the truth behind the murder of his friend and the secrets of the school. Think of the noire films, mixed with the teen genre or I would like to call Teen Noire.

This story is good for people who like the mystery and the supernatural. Like I mention before, the story reminds me of a bit of Gungrave. Instead of the friend turn against each other, the started to have a stronger bond, although one of them dies. I'm kinda sad that the story didn't include Personas (The Playstation Persona RPG series) or any other shounen mcgruffens. It does have a good twist and turns and visual tools to make the story come to life. I'm surprised that it's not a comic book or Manga, though it would be best to be it's own webcomic.

The school Hollowstone reminds me so much of the boarding schools that we see on TV. You can picture the students in their uniforms. Hollowstone a gothic school, the teacher, and etc. Also it uses the Southern gothic culture. In fact the school it self is a character.

Nowadays, it's rare to see a good character in the YA genre. The characters are usually mopey teen with stereotypical problems (Prom, girlfriend, social life and etc). Noah Scott is an exceptional character. He's an honest teen at a corrupt school.  Inf act he reminds me of Cole Phelps of the game LA Noire. At school he deals with classism, racism and all types of isms. Despite the hardships, Noah is not going to back down to do what is right. Caleb or Cal is Noah’s best friend and roommate. He introduces Noah to the other side of Hollowstone. Despite his laid back persona, he has a trouble past.

Dennis Upkins tackles every subject the some people avoid to bring up in YA fiction. Such as Racism, sexism, elitism. Homosexuality and classism.  Now in some teen fiction, it's typical, a white teen character with cliche problems. Mr. Upkins takes typical teen drama and turns it on it's side. Although some of the parts I didn't fell comfortable, it was a good break from the norm which is rare nowadays.   
So if you like some armchair mystery with a bit of supernatural, you will like this. It will tackle some issues that will make people think or get upset, which is kinda the point. The story has good pacing for those that are fast readers. I would prefer that the story would use a comic format or be an anime.

My over all rating is 8.75 out of 10.

It's good story, some of the character are lively. I'm not a fan of the supernatural, but its does well with the story. It's a bit slow, but there’s a reason for it. Also it's good to have minority character without it being cliche (like born in the hood, selling drugs, a gangbanger and other black stereotypical cliche.) It really in your face of oppression at time you'll find yourself getting angry at the subject matter despite how you feel about it. So this is a good read for people who like to break away from the current YA fiction trends. So I give it a recommendation for people looking for a good read.

Also if this turn into a live movie: Get Tyler Perry or Spike Lee.

Also if you want me to give your book a review or you just want to give crappy books. I'm happy to do it.


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